Addressing Issuance of Title Insurance Policies in Vero Beach, FL

What Is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects real estate owners and lenders against any property loss or damage they might experience because of liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title to the property. If you need help with the issuance of title insurance policies, we at Protected Title can lend you a helping hand. We will take care of all the details on your behalf to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Defects are such things such as:

  • Another person claiming an ownership interest
  • Improperly recorded documents
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Liens
  • Encroachments
  • Easements

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Seek the Help of a Full-Service Title Company

As a full-service title company, we treat each case in our care as a top priority. Led by a real estate lawyer, we understand all the nuances of real estate transactions, including statewide courtesy closings and residential closings. We can guide you through the entire process so that the policy is issued in a timely manner. With over 30 years of collective experience to our name, we are confident in our abilities to assist you. Each member of our team is a licensed title agent who provides invaluable guidance to our clients.

For More Information, Contact Protected Title.

If you need more information about how we can assist you, we would be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. Your goals are extremely important to us, which is why we will get to work as soon as you enlist our high-quality title services. Our resources and skills are at your disposal. We welcome the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships with our clients at our Vero Beach and St. Petersburg offices.

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