About Protected Title

Over 30 Years of Collective Experience

Protected Title was founded by real estate attorneys who wanted to provide the effectiveness of a law firm with the affordability and timeliness of a title company. We continued this concept by focusing on the most important characteristics in the title business - accuracy, timeliness and customer service. There are many title companies to choose from when considering the purchase, sale or refinance of both residential and commercial property. Protected Title is a full-service title company with over 30 years of combined experience.

We provide our clients a full range of services including:

Dealing with a title-related issue? Call (844) 257-5501 for timely and reliable assistance.

We Are Licensed Title Agents

Each member of Protected Title's team is a licensed title agent - even our processors! We expect accurate results from the moment we receive a title order. Every time with no exceptions. We also pride ourselves on communication - our clients are "in the know" from title order to closing. Please feel free to call or email us - you will always be provided with your processor or closer's direct extension.

Establishing Long-Lasting Partnerships with Clients

Do you prefer working with a certain member of our team? We prefer it that way too. We encourage our closers and processors to form "partnerships" with our clients - learn ways to create efficiencies that help our clients perform better. If you prefer to work closely with certain members of our staff - just ask! As our client, you can rest assured in knowing that we will do everything possible to help you reach your goals. We have offices in St. Petersburg and Vero Beach.

For more information about our experienced team, call us as soon as possible.